• New Haven Republican Town Committee

    Your Local GOP

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    As Republicans, we believe that all functions of government should be assigned to the smallest and most local level that can accomplish these functions. For this reason, we regard the efficient and effective governance of the City of New Haven to be our highest political priority. As New Haven Republicans, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life in our city by proposing a pro-growth economic agenda, advocating for good governance, pushing for excellence in education, streamlining the city’s budget, and promoting public safety.


    With your help we can:

    • Provide support and opportunities for both workers and entrepreneurs 
    • Advocate for transparency, accountability and ethical leadership in city hall 
    • Make parental involvement the key component in education
    • Prevent waste, fraud and abuse in our city's budget
    • Tackle crime at the source and empower law enforcement to keep the peace
    • Protect religious freedom and ensure that free expression is not stifled