· Press Release,City Clerk,2021 Elections

NHRTC is happy to announce that Anthony Acri is campaigning for City Clerk. Acri is an East Shore, Ward 18 resident.

Acri was born and raised in New Haven.  He graduated from Notre Dame High School in West Haven.  Acri went on to earn a BS in accounting at Quinnipiac University and an MBA in business from Stanford Hill University.  Acri has been a successful business owner and entrepreneur for over thirty years.  Anthony is a proud father of two adult children and beams when he talks about them.  Faith in God is very important to Acri and he plays guitar at mass in the church’s choir.  

Acri has the education and experience to fulfill all City Clerk duties and responsibilities.  He is intelligent, successful and has created and maintained numerous records for his businesses.  As a business owner, Acri knows how to treat customers and works well with varied personalities. Acri worked across party lines with the DeStefano Administration on the Police Pension Board and is an excellent choice for City Clerk.

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