City ordinances should be amended to restore faith in local government

· Press Release,Mayor,Board of Alders,Board of Education,Charter Revision

The city's charter is once again up for review and nine residents have been selected by the Board of Alders to complete the task.

NHRTC has decided to focus on three items that provide accountability. We urge you to contact the committee members (in particular Ward 18 Alder DeCola and Ward 27 Alder Furlow) to support this effort.

1) We support a recall measure to unseat mayors. Our government is filled with checks and balances at the national level. We need checks and balances at the local level.

2) We support a fully electable Board of Education with guaranteed minority party representation. This move to expand parental rights aligns with the way the majority of cities and towns across the state handle their schools systems.

3) We oppose extending the mayoral term to 4 years. The 2 year term holds more accountability to the office by tying its electoral cycle to the Board of Alders.