What happened to the federal funding granted to the City of New Haven?

· Press Release,Mayor,COVID-19 Funds

In light of the corruption in West Haven regarding the misuse of federal Covid-19 monies, New Haven Republicans are requesting an immediate full disclosure of New Haven's Covid-19 expenditures. New Haven is not in a financial position of being able to spend money on frivolous items or allow monies to be misspent. We are running deficits and have one of the highest mill rates in the state.
The taxpayers of New Haven have already been pushed to the limit and face possible increased tax burdens from recent revaluations.  Renters are directly impacted as well because the higher costs of ownership force landlords to increase rents.  The city was bailed out with millions added to the coffers from Yale and the Federal Covid-19 dollars, yet taxpayers and renters saw no benefit and deserve to know how this windfall was spent.

We're requesting Mayor Elicker's administration produce a detailed accounting of how each dollar was spent, include valid reasons that support each expenditure, list the recipients of funds and provide copies of each contract. Please call the mayor directly at 203-946-8200 and ask him to disclose the contracts.